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Apollo Steel Shafts

Choose from Apollo Std and Apollo Stepless Steel Shafts...... more

Apollo Std Steel Shafts

Apollo STD Iron|Regular/Stiff|125 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt- .60 Apollo STD Iron|Senior/Ladies|120 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt - .58 Apollo ST... more

Apollo Stepless Steel Shafts

Apollo Stepless Iron|Regular/Stiff|125 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt- .60 Available as Iron Shafts (Only).... more

Apollo Shadow/UL Shadow Graphite Shafts

"Apollo Graphite Shafts are available in Apollo Shadow for irons, and Apollo Shadow, and/or Apollo UL Shadow for woods."... more

Apollo Shadow Graphite Shafts

Apollo Shadow Graphite Iron|Regular/Stiff|80 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt- .60|Torque - 4.5 Apollo Shadow Graphite Iron|Senior/Ladies|74 grams|Bond... more

Apollo UL Shadow Graphite Shafts

Apollo UL Shadow Graphite Wood|Regular/Stiff|130 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt - .63|Torque - 5.0 Apollo UL Shadow Graphite Wood|Senior/Ladies|125 gr... more

UST Comp. 75 and UST Proforce 75 Gold Graphite Shafts

"UST Comp. 75 Graphite Shafts are available for woods and irons, and UST Proforce 75 Graphite Shafts are available, (woods only)."... more

UST Comp. 75 Graphite Shafts

UST Comp. 75 Graphite Iron|Regular/Stiff|80 grams|Bond Point - Mid|Butt- .60|Torque - 4.1 UST Comp. 75 Graphite Iron|Senior/Ladies|77 grams|Bond P... more

UST Proforce 75 Gold Graphite Shafts

UST Proforce 75 Gold Graphite Wood|Regular|77 grams|Bond Point - High|Butt - .61|Torque - 3.3 UST Proforce 75 Gold Graphite Wood|Stiff|81 grams|Bon... more

Home > Shafts

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